The Book on Name Removal
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It seems that the LDS church has just picked a fight about the circulation of the documents on this site. Taking the example of the so-called "church" of scientology, the LDS church is claiming the exclusive rights to the documents, based on copyright.

By their nature, religious documents and documents pertaining to the practice of a religion can never be subject to exclusive use. Freedom of religion, i.e. the freedom to practice one's religion without interference and without the obligation to belong to and/or pay any particular church, is protected by the constitutions of most countries and takes precedence over copyright. This is particularly true in cases where copyright is not used to promote the spreading of the religious scriptures in question, but to suppress it instead.

Furthermore, the religious and other practices of any church are a public matter; they are everybody's business and everybody has the right to know and debate them. This is not only the natural consequence of the respect that religion enjoys in our Western democracies, but also a pre-requisite to it. Only if a church is open to public scrutiny can it claim the right to practise its faith undisturbed and - yet more - to proselityse. The freedom to operate that churches are granted in our democracies is not God-given, and it is rather disturbing to see that one church after another try to have it their way both ways. That's called "eating the pie and having it" and works very seldom. These considerations, together with the fact that the LDS church is trying to suppress the publication of the following documents, is the reason that they are published here. Complaints (and compliments) can be directed to

Zenon Panoussis
2e van Swindenstraat 188
1093 XA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For more information about this book and the controversy around it, see Mirele's and David's pages.

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