How easy is it to fake an election?
How likely is it that election results get perverted by software bugs?
What is your vote really worth?

If you're in a gullible mood, ask Diebold, a company which is currently announcing "Record Third Quarter Results" and claims to "protect the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights". That's quite some bold claims indeed. They really sound trustworthy.

If today is not your gullible day, read on.

  • Read Bev Harris' paper here
  • Browse Diebold's internal memos here
  • Search Diebold's internal memos here
  • Download a tar.gz archive of the memos here
  • Download the same as zip for Windoze here
  • Go to alternative server here (slow, doesn't block MSIE)
  • Send a cease and desist here