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Email abuse ?

  Cheap Spam...

This spam presumably was sent to hundreds of victims.  Here is a reasonable copy of their scare-tactic spam, "Important Security News for May ". (Wink wink, nudge nudge)  For May?  Jesus!   Will I be spammed every month from now on?

Even in its advertisement  the  BuyCheapSoftware labor force can't be bothered to run its ad thru a spell-checker.

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Subject:      Buycheapsoftware - Important Security News for May                Add to Address Book
Date:      Tue, 10 May 2005 05:03:11 -0700 (PDT)

New Email virus 'Highly Contageous'.

A high-level alert has been issued for the Sober-N email worm which is spreading rapidly
in 40 countries.

Anti-virus company, Sophos is saying that one in every 22 emails is infected with the mass-mailing worm which accounts for 79% of all current viruses in the wild.

A senior consultant for Sophos explained that the worm is automatically turning off Symantec's antivirus protection well as Windows XP's built-in firewall. Infected emails are written in either english or german and includes various tempting subject lines.

Once the worm is executed (by opening the attachment) it sends itself in the form of large volumes of spam to all email addresses in the victim's address book. The writers of this particular worm have programmed it with social engeneering, to differentiate between two languages, english and german. The worm will use english for english-speaking Windows users and german for german-speaking Windows users. A Sober-P worm variant is now spreading and experts predict more Sober strains in the months to come.

 New Software offers live AV protection

Panda Software on Wednesday announced TruPrevent 2.0, a new version of the company's security technolog

Panda claims is TruPrevent is "virtually 100 percent effective" in identifying unknown viruses and spyware. Panda claims the program can work effectively against future viruses and spyware without having to be updated.

But the Panda announcement does not come without independent confirmation. According to independent testing lab ICSA, TruPrevent is over 98 percent effective at eliminating malicious code with zero false positives and with zero updates.

According to, it takes an average of 16 hours for an antivirus lab to develop new vaccines and distribute them to users. During the critical gap between virus release and antivirus patch, PCs and networks are of course vulnerable.

And because today's average outbreak-to-vaccine time is about 16 hours, this leaves millions of PCs vulnerable for hours or even days each time a new instantaneous threat is unleashed.

Panda's TruPrevent technology automatically does a real-time analysis of programs as they execute. It then detects new viruses that have a malicious intent with what the company calls event-correlation algorithms. If malicious code is detected, TruPrevent kills it then notifies the user.

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MSDN User Update
Prices set to triple later this year

Microsoft announced that VS.NET and MSDN subscription prices will rise in 3 months.

New and Existing subscribers can save money with incentives from MS to upgrade to 2005 early. MSDN Universal, Microsoft's current Tier 3 access offering, is set to triple in price the third quarter of 2005 from around $3000 to over $10000 dollars.

IF you are part of a development team then Buycheapsoftware's licensing desk can help save you money now rather than suffer the outrageous cost of later subscriptions.

We will be covering this issue in an email special later this month when MS makes its new policy available to the public.

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Be careful to ensure that you are not buying academic software.
We recently found that even reputable companies exploit customers by advertising academic products without description. Many packages do not say 'Academic Version' and many resellers exploit this at your expense. CDW sells Quark academic products on their site without declaring it.

To find out how we protect our customers from illegal sales and licensing practices visit us here


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