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Rena Durrant, a.k.a. Rena La Reine, is a native born Los Angelean who has been collecting vinyl since her teens. She began playing records on KCR college radio during her show, "Bad Hair, Good Music."

A few years later, she found herself living in England, attending some of the most far out mod and psychedelic clubs on the scene. After relocating back to the U.S., she began regularly DJ’ing, acting as a resident DJ at The 45 Club and Shout and now at Club Au Go-Go!

Rena is married to Glen Durrant, agent-provocateur and uber-geek. During the day, Rena attends Loyola Law School, focusing her studies on criminal law. She hopes to obtain a position as a district attorney after completing her law degree.

The Derby. Hillhurst and Los Feliz. Los Angeles. CA

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